Aspire Advocates for Behavioral Health is a volunteer-led grassroots movement. We represent the families, friends, and individuals whose lives have been impacted by the mental illness or substance use disorder of someone 26 or younger. Together, we advocate for excellence in the identification and treatment of behavioral health disorders. Our goal is for children, teens, and young adults to have access to high quality behavioral healthcare services that are covered in-network by insurers. Our organization works with educators,  medical professionals, advocacy groups, and legislators to improve the quality of life of young people with behavioral health disorders.

We fully support the #B4Stage4 movement sponsored by Mental Health America. This movement advocates for early intervention in behavioral health disorders. The right early treatment can save lives, reduce school drop-out rates, hospitalizations, and incarceration.

How to Join and Help

There are no barriers to join. No dues to pay. No meetings to attend. You can sign up to be a Aspire Advocates for Behavioral Health member on the right hand side of the page. Being a member will ensure you stay up-to-date on what we are doing. We will also keep you informed about legislation and let you know of any letter writing campaigns. Also, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Get on board. Help us create change in Missouri. Let’s Talk about Young People and Behavioral Health. #AspireToChangeLives!