We are a grassroots movement hoping to shape policy that will create an environment where every young person with a behavioral health disorder can reach their potential. How do we shape policy? We work with legislators to get bills introduced. Remember School House Rock? Watch closely. We are at the part where a group of concerned citizens have an idea and get together to ask their legislator to sponsor a bill.

Concerned citizens can make a difference! 

What public policy issue do we want to work on first?

  1. Dialectical Behavior Therapy should be accessible to all Missourians.  The first step is establishing certification standards in Missouri.  Then we can work on ensuring providers are adequately reimbursed for the care they provide.  This may involve working nationally to get CPT codes established.

What other public policy ideas do we have?

  1. Integrate mental health screening and education into the education system in Missouri
  2. Address medical necessity being used as a barrier to treatment for behavioral health disorders. Treatment should occur #B4Stage4  
  3. Tie Medicaid funding to the number of psychiatric and substance use beds.
  4. Cover out of network providers at in network rates for people 25 and younger. The system is failing our children, teens, and young adults.

Aspire offers public policy education on these and other vital measures.  We can make a difference in the community.  Contact us for more information today and let’s get to work on connecting the community to our state elected officials in Missouri to support policy change on these vital issues!

We can do better in Missouri. Today’s system is failing our children, teens, and young adults. We are in a behavioral health crisis.