• To empower families of young people with information and resources, enabling them to meet the needs of their loved one with a behavioral health disorder.
  • To raise awareness of the large number of young people with behavioral health disorders and their unique challenges and silent struggles.
  • To shape policy that will create an environment where every young person can reach their potential.

We are working toward:

  • Eliminate the stigma associated with mental health and substance use disorders 
  •  Establish Missouri certification standards and treatment protocols for Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Require insurance companies to cover all components of Dialectical Behavior Therapy so it is no longer a “cash pay” service that is not accessible to most Missourians
  • Start a St. Louis Recovery High School in conjunction with local school districts.
  • Fund scholarships for young people that can’t afford substance use treatment
  • Ensure young people in Misssouri have access to high quality substance use and mental health services 
  • Support programs that will lead to: 
  • Early identification of behavioral health disorders from grade school through college  
  • Education on healthy self-care and an understanding of behavioral health disorders for students from grade school to college 
  • Screening for behavioral health disorders from grade school to college.