You never know what someone might be going through. Sometimes we just assume people are okay because of what we see on the outside. Mental health is not something that is targeted towards a certain population of people, it can impact anyone. Even with this in mind, it can still feel isolating to have a mental health condition because of the stigmas attached to it. But you are not alone.

Aspire Advocates for Behavioral Health has launched the You Are Loved campaign which gives people the opportunity to leave messages for those who struggle with mental health, share their own messages that got them through difficult times, and express their love for family or friends who have passed.

Your messages will be displayed on a green heart, green is the color for mental health awareness, at one of our upcoming events. Check out our events here. These heartfelt messages will help people feel supported and show them that they are loved, no matter what!

Questions? Contact us.

#EndtheStigma #YouAreLoved

1 in 5 adults, in the United States, live with a mental health condition. That is equivalent to 52.9 million people.

50% of all lifetime mental illness begins by the age of 14, and 75% by age of 24.